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natural travel tips

Car Travel Tips

Freeze water in cleaned out milk jugs to use in coolers when traveling. When the ice thaws, it can be used as drinking water.

If your car gets stuck in ice or snow, you can provide traction with cat litter (keep a bag in your trunk).

If you don't have cat litter in the car when you get stuck, place the rubber floor mats from inside your car in front of the drive wheels for traction.

On a trip with the kids, bring along some jump ropes so they can work off excess energy whenever you stop for food or gas.

Help kids be less bored on trips and pay attention to more scenery by having them play a game to see who can find the most animals, name the most different trees, or see cars from the most states.

Prevent Car, Sea or Air Sickness

The last thing you want on a trip is for your little one to throw up, or for you to want to. Little ones may not be old enough for medicines like Dramamine, and medicines can cause drowsiness.

Instead, simply use a wide rubber band on each wrist. They should be placed three finger widths from the bottom of the hand - two fingers can fit between the rubber band and the wrist wrinkle. This is a pressure point that controls car, sea, or air sickness (or morning sickness during pregnancy), so the rubber bands should be snug but not so tight that they cut off circulation. Or, you can buy Sea-Band for Travel Sickness, which is a ready-made pair, or the BioBand (only one is needed), which adjusts to any size.

Wrist bands should be put on at the start of a car or plane trip or before boarding a ship. While on a cruise ship, the bands should be kept on while sleeping. They can be removed for showering, but they can be worn in the pool for a long time or taken off for a quick dip.

airplane travel tips

Plane Travel Tips

When packing a suitcase for a plane trip, roll items instead of folding them. Folded clothes don't stay nice and flat when the suitcase is carried a lot.

To pack delicate items when traveling, place in freezer bags, fill with air, and seal them. The air provides cushioning. Pack them in the middle of the suitcase.

When traveling with a spouse or friend, each of you should pack one outfit in the other's suitcase. If one suitcase gets lost, you will both have something to wear until it is found.

We usually need to pop our ears when taking off or landing in a plane. Little kids may not know how to do this on their own so give them gum to chew just before. Babies are more susceptible to pain from the change in pressure, but they can do lots of swallowing during take-off and landing by sucking on a bottle or pacifier or by nursing.

You might as well choose one of the gums that contain Xylitol, like Biotene Dry Mouth Gum, or Orbit Sugar Free Gum, which helps fight bacteria, cavities, plaque and gum disease, and helps whiten teeth. (Xylitol is a sugar that occurs naturally in foods, including berries, vegetables and oats.) Chewing Xylitol gum regularly has been shown to prevent inner ear infections by keeping the bacteria in the mouth from moving up into the nose and ears.

Don't Drink the Water

Traveling to other countries can get you sick. Most people know to not drink the water. But, a locally bottled drink may be made with water that is not purified, pasteurized, boiled, etc., and so may still get you sick. Ice is one more thing that some may not realize is a danger. You buy a can of Coke that was canned in the US so you feel safe, but then you pour it over ice. The ice was made from the local water and so is also not safe to drink.

Taking Natural Apple Cider Vinegar regularly can prevent stomache upsets and diarrhea if you forget to be careful. Even enough water to brush your teeth can be hazardous to your health in some areas.

Or you can go high tech and carry a small tool with you. The SteriPEN can fit in your purse or pocket, it purifies water in seconds with a UV light, and it will treat up to 3,000 liters.

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