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Natural Outdoor Tips

When eating outdoors, keep a tall bottle on or near the table. Put a little water and sugar in the bottle. Flies will go straight in for the sweet stuff, but they are unable to fly straight up so they won't get back out.

keep kids out of the street

Keep Kids Safe

Paint a line across the driveway to serve as a reminder to young children as to where they must stop to not go into the road. They concentrate so much on playing so they need a bright visual reminder. For an even better reminder for the younger children, try a retractable driveway guard.

repair a leaky hose

Repair a Garden Hose

There is a quick, easy way to repair that punctured garden hose. Stick a wooden toothpick into the hole and snap off the extra. Wrap around the hose with waterproof tape, over the filled hole. When you use the hose, the water will make the wooden toothpick swell to fill the hole tightly.

house numbers let you be found

House Numbers

When you need to be found, house numbers need to be visible from the street. Help the police, firemen, out-of-town visitors, or the pizza delivery man find you quickly by painting your numbers or by replacing them when they are faded.

catch more fish

"Fish Oil"

Fish can be scared away from your baited hook because of your human scent.

Spread one or two drops of anise essential oil onto your hands before handling the bait or hook to hide the human presence.

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