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tips on games

Natural Games

Too many kids are now overweight. With computers, video games, and television, they are not as active as we were as kids.

Remind them of the real joys of childhood - running, jumping and hopping. Hopscotch is just one example of a game that will get them out of the house, and it is cheap enough for any family since all you need to buy is a piece of chalk.

Besides building muscles, hopscotch builds coordination. Search your memory for more active games (like jumping rope, tag, freeze, and Simon says) to steer them in the right direction.

If we limit their sedentary activities for rainy days and evenings, we'll be helping them to live longer. Now that's inexpensive health care.

improve child's memory

Memory Games

Memory games increase brain power, and they encourage kids to pay more attention to what's around them wherever they are.

Put a lot of random objects into a brown bag. Have kids reach in and feel everything. They can even peek. Give them only a minute or two. Then ask them to name what they felt and saw. See how many items they can remember. You can make a bag for each child with different items. Then they can switch bags to play again.

Gather an assortment of colorful items and place them on the table or floor. Let the kids have a minute or two to look the items over and try to remember what they see. Have the kids close their eyes, remove one item, and hide it behind your back. See who can remember what was there before so they can tell you which object is missing.

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