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Natural Pet Tips

Use a turkey baster to give liquid medicine to your pet.

Remove pet hair from upholstery by wiping the furniture with a slightly dampened sponge or a rubber glove.

Remove pet hair from upholstery by wrapping masking tape around one hand with the sticky side out.

Keep pets off upholstered chairs or the couch with aluminum foil. Place a large piece on the upholstery, and pets should stay off.

Flea sprays and collars use poison. It's a fine line between killing fleas and killing or injuring pets, which is crossed way too often. Read Hartz Propducts Warning on our Dog site before you decide whether or not to use them.

stuck up bulldog

Lemon for Bulldogs

According to the Cyber-Bulldog Coalition
"Keep a small squeeze bottle of lemon juice handy, such as the kind made by RealLemon®. If your Bulldog becomes overheated, breathing can become unusually labored and loud, and the tongue may begin to turn bluish. Much of this is caused by a buildup of phlegm that blocks the airways. One good squirt of lemon juice to the back of the dog's mouth will clear this phlegm instantly and breathing will improve immediately. This will give you valuable time to get your dog to a cool place."

(If you want to learn tons about bulldogs, their site is the place to go.)

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