Natural Kitchen Tips

  • Sharpen garbage disposal blades occasionally by adding some ice cubes before running, or by adding egg shells while running it.
  • Some things can break the garbage disposal, like potato peels. Put most foods into the compost pile or the trash can and let just little bits go down the drain.
  • You can pour freshly brewed coffee or tea directly into a glass of ice safely if you put a teaspoon into the glass first. The spoon absorbs enough of the heat so the glass won’t crack.
  • Unstick a jar lid with a few taps on the both sides of the lid with the handle of a butter knife.
  • When glasses or bowls are stuck together, put cold water in the top container and dunk the bottom container in warm water. The cold water will cause the top dish to contract and the hot water will make the bottom dish to expand.

  • When two glasses are stuck together, don’t try to pull them apart. Twisting them in opposite directions will do the trick.
  • When your dish drainer gets too ugly and you buy a new one, use the old one in the cupboard to store pot lids.
  • Repel insects in the pantry by putting a few on cupboard shelves.
  • Your freezer will operate more efficiently if it is full, and you can fill up empty spaces with the bottles of water. After emptying the bottles of soda, rinse them out, and don’t fill them all the way to the top. Leave about 1 inch because water expands as it freezes. If you lose power temporarily, these “icecubes” will also help keep food cold. Take a bottle or two out of the freezer on your way to a picnic, and they should be thawed enough for a nice cold drink with lunch.
Dripping Faucet

Dripping FaucetĀ 

To temporarily soften the sound of a dripping faucet until the plumber comes, tie a string long enough to touch the drain, around the end of faucet. The water will run down the string, eliminating the annoying drip sound.

Remove unwanted odor

Light a Match

Remove unwanted odor before leaving the bathroom by lighting a match with the door still closed. Let the match burn for a few seconds, and the odor is gone.

Protect Your China

Protect Your China

Protecting your china or antique dishes can be done for a dollar or so – or even free. Get a vinyl tablecloth that has a cotton backing. These are very inexpensive at discount stores and dollar stores, or you may have an old one in the cupboard already.

Cut circles out of the tablecloth the size of your dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, serving platters, etc. Placing one circle between each plate or bowl will keep the bottom of one from scratching the top of another. The dish pads also offer a lot of protection from earthquake shaking.