Natural Health Tips

Heat escapes from your body through your head and your feet. When you have a fever, don’t wear slippers or socks, and keep your feet out of the blankets.
Many years ago, iodine was added to ordinary table salt so that just about everyone could easily get enough. With so many people cutting salt out of their diets and their kids’ diets, goiters have made a big comeback due to lack of iodine. A goiter is a very large lump in the neck. The main source of iodine is seaweed, which is not in everyone’s “backyard.” Most people can handle a little table salt every day, and iodine is included in most multi-vitamins One-A-Day does not include iodine, so read labels before you buy.

  • Sleeping on two or three pillows at a time will prevent most symptoms of GERD (acid reflux).
  • Or, you can buy an acid reflux wedge pillow , which is a special pillow that is shaped like a wedge to most comfortably keep you from lying flat.
  • Kids should never share hats, coats or combs so they don’t bring home lice.
  • Make a flexible ice pack. Pour 3/4 cup water and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol into a plastic freezer bag. Put the bag into a second freezer bag and freeze. The alcohol will keep the water from freezing solid like ice.
  • For an emergency ice pack, a bag of frozen vegetables will do the trick. In just minutes, the bag will also become flexible enough to mold around an arm, leg, etc. It is not safe to refreeze the vegetables.
  • To help someone who is sick, put a lazy susan within reach of their bed. This will allow them to reach medicines, tissues, water, etc., with less straining or reaching.
  • Use a bell when you’re sick to ask for assistance and save your voice.
  • Don’t drink sodas directly from the can that are purchased from a grocery store. They spray pesticides reglarly to keep bugs away, and there may be residue on the cans.
  • As we get older, we are less likely to feel thirsty. But, older people not only still need water, their medications often cause an increased need for water.
  • Older people and people on medication should drink lots of water each day whether they feel thirsty or not.
  • You can ease an aching back, or prevent one, by how you get out of bed. Many people sit straight up, which is hardest on the back. Lying on your side and pushing yourself up with your arm does less damage.
  • One step further is to roll out of bed. To do this,lay on your left side, put your right foot on the floor, then stand up (or vice versa if you sleep on the other side of the bed). This can be done from a bed that is high or low, or from the living room couch.
  • Don’t skip meals. Many small meals are healthier and more slimming than one or two large meals.
  • Your metabolism doesn’t start working until you have your first meal, so breakfast is the worst meal to skip.
  • If you just can’t lose weight, you may not be eating enough. Your body will save its fat to prevent starvation if you don’t feed it regularly.

Be Careful Where You Put Your Purse

There is not always a hook in the bathroom stall to hold your purse. But, putting it on the floor is not a good option.
The floor in a public bathroom is full of the worst germs, and these germs get on the bottom of your purse. Later, you may put your purse on the kitchen counter, the dining room table, your couch, etc., and also the germs the purse carries.
In a restaurant, the purse often goes under the table, kept safe near your feet. This is where the shoes go that just walked on the bathroom floor, so this is not a safe option either.
Keep your purse on your lap, or hang it from the edge of the table with a purse caddy.

Natural Flu WonderdrugNatural Flu Wonderdrug

With news of the Bird Flu spreading came news that Tamiflu was a drug that might be a life saver. It is the only drug that is touted as being able to offer real help for this flu. Once people found out, everyone wanted Tamiflu. Once the manufacturer found that out, they limited its availability anywhere so it might be available everywhere.
Sambucol is elderberry extract, and it is reported to give remarkable results when taken for the flu. And, unlike Tamiflu, it is available without a doctor’s prescription.
Studies reportedly show that those who took Sambucol were symptom free after 2 or 3 days, but those that took a placebo were not well until Day 6.
Sambucol also works wonders for the common cold. Taken early enough, it will stop the cold in its tracks. Taken after the cold has really set in, Sambucol can still shorten the length and severity of the cold.
According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “A more recent laboratory study of three different Sambucol formulations, tested on blood from 12 healthy donors, showed that they increased production of inflammatory cytokines, which are immune system mediators. This finding indicates that Sambucol might help activate a healthy immune system and possibly be useful for boosting immunity in cancer and AIDS patients.”
You can also find Sambucol for kids .
A variation on Sambucol is Honey Elderberry Apitherapy , which also contains elderberry. Apitherapy also conains raw honey, echinacea root extract, organic apple cider vinegar, and propolis extract. This combination may be even more powerful.

Alzheimer’s MemoriesAlzheimer's Memories

Help someone with Alzheimers enjoy family get-togethers by getting out the family photo album before relatives arrive. Go through the pictures together, especially recent ones, going over the names and relationship of each. Even if they don’t remember names during the get-togethers, they should still feel that the people are familiar.

Water and Pre-term Delivery

Drinking lots of water while pregnant is good for your health. And, not drinking enough water can cause a baby to be born too early. The amniotic fluid that protects and cushions your baby, and regulates his body temperature, is mostly water. When there is not enough fluid, the body has to deliver the baby or the baby can greatly suffer. Drinking two or three glasses of water can often stop premature labor.

Prevent Winter Depression

Depression can come in the winter from lack of sunlight. Duplicate natural sunlight with a Full Spectrum Light Bulb . Sitting by one for at least an hour a day can prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD), increase awareness and productivity, help with sleep disorders, increase scholastic performance, and even help plants grow better.