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Natural Indoor Tips

Turning your mattress every six months will help prevent permanent depressions from your body. To turn the mattress, turn it over, then turn it around so that the foot is at the top.

Make photocopies of credit cards, social security cards, etc., and keep them separate from your wallet or purse. If these things are lost or stolen, you will have the numbers readily available.

To unclog the nozzle of a spray bottle, remove sprayer from bottle, immerse it in hot water, and pump it a few times. Pump the water out of the sprayer.

Make your broom last longer by dipping the bristles (not plastic bristles) in hot salt water before you use it.

Store extension cords nealy by placing them inside empty paper towel rolls.

Make everything in a cupboard (in the bathroom or kitchen) easy to find by placing items on a lazy susan.

Insert a cup hook just about anywhere for hanging keys.

A pencil eraser can be cleaned for use by rubbing it over an emery board.

As an emergency ruler, use money. A paper bill is 6-1/16 long, and a quarter is 1 inch.

As an emergency yardstick, hold your arms both straight out to the side. This measures a yard for most people.

As an emergency tape measure, use your foot. Count how many steps it takes you to go from one end of your couch (etc.) to the other. In a store, simply walk the same amount of steps.

Move heavy furniture much easier by sliding it. Put a sock, throw rug, or paper plate under each leg. The furniture will not only slide easily even on carpeting, it won't scratch a wood or tile floor.

Keep long tools from damaging walls when stored by putting the tip of a rubber glove finger over the top of the tool.

Make your own large rubber band by cutting 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the opening on rubber gloves.

Recycle empty tissue boxes. Use one for dryer lint, for used tissues while you're in bed, or for scraps used in crafts or sewing.

Before moving your computer, color code the cords and their connection slots. Mark each in pairs of one color of marking pen, and you can reconnect all cords quick as a wink.

natural houseplants

Natural Houseplants

Fertilize ferns with nitrogen using ammonia. Give them a drink of weak ammonia water.

Seashells added to plant pots will increase the humidity around them if they are kept upside down like little bowls.

Keep potted plants from leaking soil, place a coffee filter in the bottoms of the pots.

Use pots that are the right size for each plant. Pots that are too large will inhibit leaf growth.

Water houseplants with bottled water if possible. If not, let tap water set out for 24 hours to let the chlorine dissipate.

Coat new terra cotta pots, inside and out, with a coat of acrylic sealer to keep them clean.

Clean plants with large leaves with socks. Put socks over your hands, get the socks damp, and rub over the leaves.

You can water houseplants while you're gone. Take a piece of yarn or fabric, push one end into the soil and the other end into a large dish of water. The plants will suck up the water from the pan.

Water houseplants while you are gone by placing them into the bathtub, on top of towels. Be sure the bottom of each pot has a drain hole, and fill the tub with several inches of water. The water will be drawn into the pot.

Plants grow better when you duplicate natural sunlight with a Full Spectrum Light Bulb.

natural jewelry care

Natural Jewelry Tips

Place a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing.

Don't wear your good jewelry in a pool or hot tub. The bleach can dull or pit the surface of some stones, and it can make the gold brittle over time.

Keep jewelry away from bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone, and ammonia.

Don't wear your wedding ring while working in the garden.

To help prevent tarnish on sterling silver jewelry, wrap the piece in jeweler's tissue paper and place it inside a sealed freezer bag.

Men working with machinery should not wear a ring at all, it can get caught in the machinery and result in injury or loss of a finger or arm.

natural candles

Natural Candle Tips

Store candles in the refrigerator or freezer. They will burn slower and last longer.

Cut the wick of a new candle to 1/4 inch long to avoid smoke and so that they will burn longer.

Make your candles dripless with salt. Add 1/2 tablespoon of salt to enough water 2 cups of water. Add the candles to the saltwater, and let soak for 24 hours.

Beeswax candles are dripless, will not give off smoke, and last longer than parafin candles.

When you make your own tapered beeswax candles, use one very long wick to connect two candles. These can be stored over hooks until you want to use one, at which time you just snip the wicks.

Rubbing alcohol will remove soot from candles. Put the alcohol on a cloth and wipe the candles.

Straighten warped candles gently after dipping them in very warm water.

Keep candles from tipping in a candle holder by putting a bit of clay into the bottom.

Keep candles standing upright in candle holders by melting the bottoms. Hold the candle with the bottom over the candle holder. Pass a match or lighter under the candle, and let wax drip into the candle holder. Put the candle in immediately and hold it upright for a minute, until the melted wax hardens.

Be careful with glass candle holders. If the candle burns too low, the glass can shatter. The hot wax can then drip onto furniture or carpeting, and you can get burned by the hot wax if you pick up a broken glass holder.

To prevent melted candle wax from sticking to the insides of candle holders coat the insides with Vaseline before placing a candle in a holder. The melted wax will slide right out after the candle burns down.

To prevent melted candle wax from sticking in candle holders, spray the inside of candle holder with cooking spray and add a few drops of water to the bottom of the holder before inserting the candle.

Light birthday candles on a cake with a piece of uncooked spaghetti.


When you have a perfectly good comforter but you want to change the color of your bedding, simply put your comforter in a duvet cover.

Comforters are difficult to wash due to their size and thickness. Keeping your comforter in a duvet cover keeps the comforter clean. Then, occasionally remove the duvet cover, wash and dry it, and put the comforter back into the duvet cover.

natural pest control

Natural Pest Control

Keep mice out by stuffing cracks around pipes (water and gas) with steel wool.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder, chili powder (Cayenne), or salt along a windowsill to keep ants from coming in. They won't cross these items.

If ants are coming in from a hole in a vertical surface, squeeze lemon juice into the hole.

Keep ants out of the house with one of these powers, but don't kill them. Ants living outside kill termites.

You may never see ants inside the house if you don't bother their anthills and if there is always some sort of water outdoors (water in the garden or lawn, morning dew when the weather is not too hot, etc.) When it is so hot that the outside water dries up, they will come into your house looking for a drink. Mess with their anthills, and they come inside just to get back at you.

Keep moths away with cedar. Cedar is available as chips, or use a small piece of cedar wood. Or, you could get Cedar Closet Hang-Ups.

Keep flies off your picnic table by wiping it with white vinegar, or put out a bowl of lemon or orange peels.

Keep fleas off cats by putting salt in their litterbox.

If a wasp or bee flies into the house, spray it with hairspray. The hairspray will prevent it from flying.

If flies have gotten in the house, put some very sugary water into a tall bottle. The flies will go right for it, but they are not able to fly out of the bottle.

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