Hands Off Men’s Pills

Men's Pills

Women or girls should not help dad or grandpa with their medications. Many pills for men can cause birth defects in females who only touched the pills. Check with his doctor, call a pharmacist, or do research on the internet before touching a man’s pills or even the bottles that contain them.

Ipecac Syrup For Poisonings

Ipecac syrup is a must in every medicine cabinet. It will induce vomiting in the event of poisoning. BUT, before using, call a physician, Poison Control Center, or a hospital emergency room immediately for advice — some poisons will cause twice as much damage if vomited back out. For those, the stomach contents would be pumped out at a hospital.
Ipecac Syrup given within 5 to 10 minutes after swallowing poison caused a reduction in poison of 50% to 76% very quickly. When Ipecac Syrup is used quickly at home, only 8% of victims needed to go to the hospital at all. The use of Ipecac Syrup is especially important if the victim could not reach the hospital in less than 30 minutes. And, if needed, charcoal can be given after Ipecac Syrup, but not vice versa.

Tylenol and Inflammation

Aspirin is the original pain reliever, followed by Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, and Aleve. There are different reasons to prefer one or the other for pain or fever (blood clotting or thinning, preventing heart attack, stomach irritation, etc.) But, all except Tylenol reduce inflammation. Tylenol will work on the pain of arthritis, but not as much as the others since it does nothing for swelling, which makes pain worse. A few other conditions that involve swelling/inflammation include bites, broken bones, sprains, psoriasis, and shingles.

Bacteria Can Be Good

Don’t use antibacterial soap.

    1. 1) You could end up with a yeast or fungus problem (like athlete’s foot, jock itch, or feminine yeast infection) because the soap also kills the bacteria that eat yeast and fungus before they could cause a problem.
    1. 2) Antibacterial soaps cause germs to mutate so that our drugs will no longer kill them.

Natural Antibiotics

Very simple infections can become life threatening when antibiotics no longer work. Antibiotics can kill most germs and cause the remaining germs to mutate. When germs mutate, they are resistant to these antibiotics. But tea tree oil , grapefruit seed extract , Natural Apple Cider Vinegar , colloidal silver , and lavender essential oil can all kill germs without causing germs to mutate.

Herbs & Essential Oils

Remedies from herbs or essential oils can be wonderful, but they are not all without side effects for some people.
Those who suffer from hayfever need to be careful since some herbs come from flowers. Echinacea and Chamomile are two that can give hayfever sufferers mild to severe allergic reactions when taken internally (capsules or tea). Chasteberry (or monk’s pepper) may counteract the effectiveness of birth control pills. Rosemary essential oil should not be used by those with epilepsy or high blood pressure. These are just a few examples. Before using herbal remedies or aromatherapy, do some research.

Fish Oil Danger

The use of fish oil supplements will reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death, unless you have a defibrillator.
Fish oil supplements will increase the risk of ventricular arrhythmias in people with a defibrillator, so those people should definitely not take them.