Mixing Plants for Pest Control

Grow plants together that help each other. It does help onions grow better if you plant a petunia in with them, and petunias help bean plants. Plants like these and rich vegetable oils have much of the same benefits as krill oil, so do plant a variety of healthy veggies.
Planting carrots and onions in alternate rows will discourage the pests of both. Read here…

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Natural Weed Control

Weeds in Hardscape

To kill weeds that come up in the driveway or patio, simply pour boiling water or salty water on them, or pour on white vinegar.

Weeds in the Garden

To keep your garden virtually free of weeds and grass, put down a weed barrier mat . Place your plants on top until you find a pattern that you like, then make a cut in the fabric so you can plant each one. The fabric between plants can be hidden with mulch or bark. Please visit…

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Control and Prevent Rose Pests Diseases Naturally

Plant roses far enough apart and prune out stems from the center of each plant so that there is plenty of air circulation. This can help prevent black spot, rust, and powdery mildew.
To help get rid of powdery mildew, you can clean off your roses thoroughly with a strong spray of water from a hose in the summer. Hosing should be done when powdery mildew starts, but after black spot season is over, and should be repeated every three to five days. This cleaning will also wash off most aphids. Then it is essential to pick up all fallen parts (petals, leaves, and cuttings) since they can harbor fungi and pests that will reinfect your plants. This debris should not be composted but should be disposed of. Read more…

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