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revive squashed carpet

Furniture Depressions

After rearranging furniture, you may be left with circles of squashed carpet. Remove these by placing ice cubes in the circles, letting the ice melt overnight, then fluffing up the depressed area with the tines of a fork or the teeth of a comb.

make your room look larger

Make a Room Look Bigger

One way to enlarge the look and feel of a room is to not break up the color of the room with your windows. Use closed sheer curtains on the windows in the same color as the walls.

A second way to make a room seem larger is to use a paint stripe or stripes. A vertical stripe makes the room seem taller, and a horizontal stripe makes it seem longer.

scratched floor

Prevent Floor Scratches

To prevent chair feet from scratching your floor when the chair is moved, give the bottom of each one a good waxing.

antiquing new brass


To make new brass knobs and trim look antique (if they have not been lacquered) with salt and vinegar. Add two tablespoons of salt to a cup of vinegar. Rub the mixture onto the metal, let it set overnight, rinse, and dry. This can be repeated to make it look older and older each time.

new drapes from old bedspread

Double Duty

A velvet bedspread from the thrift store can be cut up to make drapes, saving tons of money over buying new drapes or the cost of new fabric. Even a bedspread with a rip or small stain will work by simply cutting them off. Depending on how you drape them, they may not even need hemming.

One Battenburg Lace or plain bedskirt has enough already-gathered material for several window valances (one small and two large windows, or five small windows). Bedskirts can also be found in eyelet or plain in many colors.

Lace tablecloths or bed sheets make wonderful curtains -- so much fabric for so little money.

When stores have bedspreads on sale for $15 to $25, buy two that match. One is for the bed itself, and the other can be made into matching pillows, shams, chair pads, and more.

A quilted bedspread can be made into pot holders and hot pads. The matching sheets can be made into curtains and valances. Together, you can have a totally coordinated kitchen in a much larger selection of colors and styles than what is available in the kitchen department.

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