Animals or kids?  Animals or babies?  Animals or people? Animals or babies?

Animals or kids?

When a horse and many dogs are found residing inside a house, there is an outcry against their living conditions.  Animal control is called and acts very swiftly.  Besides the filth, the outrage is that a horse should be able to run free.  The sidenote in the news story is that there is a child in the home.  If a concerned neighbor had called to say that a child was living in filth, would child protective services have acted as swiftly?

Testing is done on rats in a laboratory.  It is found that a beneficial drug causes horrific birth defects.  Animal rights protesters are outraged.  Would it be better to have thousands of human babies be born this way?   Do they think that a good alternative would be to allow women to take all new drugs without any testing?   It is possible in a society that not only allows but encourages abortions, even partial birth abortions that are performed because the mother is depressed.  This would never be allowed in a vet’s office.  Why is letting the baby be born and go to a loving family not a better option?

Our pets give us so much in their lifetimes.  When they get very old and are in constant pain, we humanely (note the root of the word) have them put them to sleep.  We cry but are happy to know that they are no longer suffering.  But, when Grandpa gets very old and is in constant pain, it is illegal to do anything to speed up his death.  Our strongest pain medication does little for this pain, and Grandpa begs to be allowed to die.  Some doctors even worry about giving certain pain medications to Grandpa at all because he could become addicted.

Animals or kids – animals often receive more concern.  Animals or babies – animals seem to be more important to some.  Animals or people – animals are definitely allowed a more humane death.  It is good to be caring of animals, but not at the expense of losing our humanity.

Barbarians, yesterday or today?

The ancient Minoans

The ancient Minoans had grand kings for leaders, and the people had total faith in them. Minoan kings were held as gods who could protect them from everything, including nature’s fury. That is, until a huge volcanic eruption made it obvious to the survivors that human kings were as powerless as themselves.

Ancient Minoan The people chose to worship and trust in a god instead – two gods might give them even more protection. They erected statues to honor the gods. And, for good measure, they made sacrifices. Human sacrifices. Can you imagine, they sacrificed their own children so that they themselves could have a nicer life.

Can you imagine?! You don’t have to work very hard today to imagine it. Many have gone back to worshipping the gods of their own making. The god of choice could be money, prestige, or fame. And, many today sacrifice their own children just so that they themselves can have a nicer life. Too many of today’s children are given up to nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers full time – some, much more than full time. All this so Dad can have the fanciest cars and Mom can have the biggest house, or so that either can have the most admiration from their peers.

We no longer kill our children physically. We instead kill their spirit, and the relationship we could have shared with them. You can have the mansion, I’ll take the modest house. Yours will be full of expensive furniture, and mine will be full of hugs and kisses – and secrets of the day that only a real family can share.