Natural remediesMy first experience with natural medicine was after receiving a terrible steam burn.  A co-worker dripped an essential oil onto the blisters, and the pain and blisters quickly disappeared.  I had never before seen a burn heal within minutes.

There are many people out there who are super healthy because they have always used natural remedies, staying away from the chemical medicines and their side effects.  I am on the opposite side of the coin.  I have many health problems and have been trying to balance the necessary pharmaceuticals with alternative medicines whenever possible.

In the event of a disaster, when we could be on our own for days or weeks, my family and I are also prepared to handle most emergencies and many health problems with natural means during the time that we can’t get to a doctor.

Being “green” just came naturally from having been sort of poor.  When I couldn’t can’t afford to buy something, I made my own.  When I didn’t have money to buy new things, I learned how to use things over and over – and for different purposes.  Lack of money caused what some would have seen as a choice of boiling potatoes for dinner or watering the flowers, but it made sense to me to boil the potatoes then use the potato water for the flowers.  Not having a lot of money not only gave me a greater appreciation for what I have, it forced be to get inventive.  Not being wealthy is definitely not a bad thing.

Safe Natural Tips for lots of money-saving tips, and Safe Natural Cures for natural remedies.

Make your survival kit

Make Your Survival Kit Now

  • It is time to make your survival kit. Now. No more putting it off. No doom and gloom here — no scare tactics — just being prepared.
  • The US economy was sound only weeks
    ago. The financial crisis will, however, affect the economy. In fact, it has already begun. And, the financial crisis is not limited to the US for the simple reason that countries invest in each other’s companies and banks.
  • Now, while you still have a job, put a good hunk of each paycheck toward stocking up. Stock up on anything that you would need for at least a month — three months is even better — twelve months is best. This will allow you to get through slow months in your business or a lay-off at work.
  • Think twice before you say that you cannot afford to stock up on anything because money is tight. The truth is, almost everyone wastes money every month, and most of us eat better than we need to. You could have steak and au gratin potatoes this month and nothing next month, or you could have hamburgers and beans for three months. You normally have two pork chops and a touch of vegetables, so change that to one pork chop and lots of vegetables. This is not only cheaper, it could also result in thinner Americans!
  • If you still think your budget is tight, start with canned vegetables since they are pretty cheap. And, buy only the ones that are on sale. You can sometimes get food (and other items) almost free if you go for items on sale for which you also have a coupon. Many coupons can be found at Great Coupons and Rebates.
  • What you should stock up on is non-perishable food (canned or boxed), toiletries (toilet paper, shampoo, etc.), pet food, and prescription or over-the-counter medicines that you take regularly. That is the digest version.
  • You are not responsible for the stock market dropping and the tight times ahead, but you can show great responsibility by getting prepared now.

California Wildfire Victims Taking Heat

Much of the country has the opinion that those who lost their homes to the wildfires in California deserve little sympathy.California Wildfire
One reason is that reporters and journalists flamed the heat of their stories with mention of multi-million dollar beachfront homes of the rich and famous. In fact, none of those homes burned.
Most of the homes lost were of average price, owned by middle-income families. Many people who lost their homes were not homeowners at all, but renters, so their belongings were not covered by the home’s insurance policy. And, contrary to rumors, homeowners in California, whether in a fire-prone area or not, are required to have fire insurance in order to get a mortgage, so few of the homes were not insured.
Another reason for the lack of sympathy for Californians is that some of the homes were located in fire-prone areas. People wonder why they should feel sorry for anyone who dares to live in such an area.
That thinking is understandable. People in California have wondered for years why the government (meaning everyone, in the end) should bail out people who continue to live next to the Mississippi River even though it is guaranteed to flood nearby areas on a regular basis. Why should anyone have sympathy for those who lose everything in a hurricane when their area is hit by hurricanes over and over? And, what about those living in “tornado alley?”

Very little of this United States is not threatened by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, volcanoes, or even extended drought. Disasters can happen no matter where we live.
And, the fact that homes in California cost more than those in many areas of the country may bother people in other states in times of tragedy. But, it bothers those of us living in California all the time. We live in a tiny three-bedroom house to which only recently we added a second bathroom. For half of our monthly mortgage payment, we could buy a home in most other states that is four times the size on a lot that is ten times larger. Californians also pay 10 times the state taxes as those in Missouri and 100 times the state taxes as those in South Dakota – every year.
We all need to count our blessings when we have them, which is most of the time, and help the other guy when he needs it.