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ladybugs for natural pest control

Work With Nature

Safe natural tips -- for your health, for your budget, and for the environment. Go green.

Work with nature. We were given all we need, the natural ways have just been forgotten over the years. Man has put medicines into capsules and tablets, but most of these were made from plants or trees, many of which we have access to today.

The helpful hints included in these pages will usually be non-toxic or more handy, or will cost less. Some are all three. We make frugal living environmentally friendly for busy people.

~ Updated April 18, 2019 ~

stainless steel for garlic odors

Remove Garlic Or Onion Odor From Hands

To remove garlic or onion odor from your hands, rub a stainless spoon over them under cold water. If you have a stainless steel sink, there's no need for a spoon. Simply rub the sink with your hands in cold water.

potatoes are not always bad for diabetics

Potatoes for Diabetics

Diabetics need to watch their carbohydrates, including potatoes. But, recent studies reveal good news for diabetics.

Hot potatoes raise blood glucose, but after cooked potatoes are allowed to get cold, they have a much lower effect on blood sugar levels.

Adding vinegar or vinaigrette dressing to cooked potatoes affects their starch content and causes them to have a much lower effect on blood sugar levels.

New potatoes and some white potatoes affect diabetics less than other potatoes.

Turning boiled potatoes into cold potato salad is one good step, adding vinegar to the potato salad is a second good step, and using new potatoes makes potato salad even healthier for diabetics.

Rain Checks

When a store has an item on sale at a great price, buy only as much as you can use today or have enough room for today. Then, go back to the store on the last day of the sale, when the items are sold out, and get a rain check. That will allow you to buy more later at the sale price when you have room to store more.




Bathroom Odor

Remove unwanted odor before leaving the bathroom by lighting a match with the door still closed. Let the match burn a few seconds, and the odor is gone.

protect your photographs

Photo Preservation

Scan your photographs into your computer and save them on CDs. Keep the CDs in a safe deposit box in case of flood, fire, or other disaster. If you're ever ordered to evacuate your home, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Wraping Large Gifts

Gift-wrap a large item in a paper tablecloth -- for only about $1.00.

green insulated shopping bag

Better Than Recycling

Help "save the planet" when you go grocery shopping. Eliminate the paper or plastic bag altogether with your own reusable bags. This insulated shopping bag will get frozen foods and perishables home even more safely.

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